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Company Profile

National Container Line was incorporated in 1992. From a modest start with only a few staff members, the company has grown over its initial years, currently has strengthen to a medium size corporation. NCL understands the complexitites of international trade demand knowledge and experience from freight forwarders. Therefore, since the date of founding we have concentrated on the team of staff and it is one of the keys that keeps NCL's foothold in Hong Kong forwarding markets and continuous development in the past years.

NCL started as a sea freight forwarder concentrating on the Australia, New Zealand, US.A. and Korea markets, but over the years has progressed into related downstream and upstream activities which include :
- Air & Sea Freight Services
- Import, Export & Transhipment Forwarding Services
- Warehouse & Packing Services
- Offshore / Cross trade forwarding services
- 3 rd party logisitcs
- Hospitality services
- Motor vehicles shipping

NCL has consistently been in the forefront of the provision of quality services and with support from the advanced office automation technology. We had installed the most up-to-date operation software in the market to ensure a faster and more accurate documentation. Also, as a member of the Hong Kong Sea Transport & Logistics Association (HKSTLA) and Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), we further demonstrate our professionalism.

Our extensive network, combine with the state-of-the-art communication systems, provide our customers with the most accurate information in the most expedient manner possible. Together with our highly skilled personable and self motivated individuals, all committed to the improvement and development of NCL's services.

All in all we believe that our service is second to none, and we hope that the information contain in our web site will be a further proof of our commitment to the future.