Renewable Energy Logistics

Renewable energy cargo can be bulky and in the majority of cases requires door-to-door transportation of a large number of containers from one continent to another or urgent air freight delivery.

On average, such projects take a year and a half to come to fruition due to the socioeconomic, environmental and governmental factors involved.

NCL​ specialise in renewable energy logistics and can transport all of the components required to set up and maintain your renewable energy plant.

Waste Recycle Logistics
Reverse Solutions

Handling returned products requires a careful balance of effort and profit.
NCL provides highly effective remanufacturing services for products and devices,

especially when combined with our intelligent sorting, grading and profitable

remarketing services.

Environmental Solutions

NCL​ Recycle Logistics services for customers who are promoting 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) initiatives for a recycling-oriented, sustainable society.

We believe that recyclables, such as old paper, plastic bottles, used dry-battery, used clothing, used cooking oil and waste plastic, when sorted out from waste, can contribute to the development of a recycling-oriented society, as raw materials in the next production. We play our part through our logistics improvement by feeding such from your site into the production for the second round.